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1) The 6 Pillars of an Alpha Investment

Everything you need to run a complete company analysis so you never make a bad investment ever again

Important ratios for determining company value so you can maximize your earning potential

Strategies to decrease your riskusing Beta so you can sleep well at night knowing your money is safe

Cash flow analysis - the most important financial statement every investor needs to know how to read

2) Intro to Investing for Future Income

How to earn growing dividends that pay you for the rest of your life

How to reinvest dividends and make them compound on eachother to maximize your growth

A list of dividend growth companies that will pay you for the rest of your life

Recommended low-fee brokers that make investing simple and help you keep more of your money

How I manage my portfolio and stay updated with the market so I never miss a profitable opportunity

The CYCLE OF WEALTH - What is it? How does it work? and why is it important?
(Where the real money is made)

3) Don't Do It

People only talk about what DOES work, I'll show you what DOESN'T work

A list of costly mistakes I've made during my investing career and how to avoid them

Learn from my losses so you can get a headstart and become the investor you were always meant to be

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